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Privacy Info

Update Your Info!

Do not use your work e-mail address on the 83 Bombers website

When updating your
contact information
you can specify
what info to:
[1] List on our website
[2] Share only on request
[3] Hold only for
Reunion Commitees,
[4] Use for contacting you
for Class Events
You can update your info via
E-mail / Web-mail,
Facebook IM/mail,
Snail Mail, or Phone.

Here is how your information is
protected when you contact me
or send me an update.


I use secure servers.
This option encrypts login,
password, and email as
it goes to and from my
computer and / or my
cellular phone.

I may also use a VPN which
encrypts the data/connection
between my system to/from
the VPN server before it
goes on out to the Net.


I use an encrypted login
and connection when I update
our class website.

And/or I use a VPN.


Facebook is an option.

You can find me on Facebook
by going to our FB Group:

Richland Bombers
Class of 1983
Facebook Group


I don't offer or suggest
SMS Text or MMS messages
for sending Updates to me.

US Mail

Contact me for
my mailing address.


My number goes to a
voicemail or a service
that require a secure
login and connection
for retrieval.

Contact Information and Verification

These new options enable me to fulfill requests that began at the 20 Year Reunion ... so our classmates can choose to have their mailing addresses, phone numbers, bio's, and more, on the '83 Bombers site ... whenever a classmate gives me their _specific permission_ via a letter, e-mail, or a phone call.

5 brief sections of information for this web page are below.

[ 1 ] For mailing addresses, phone numbers, and any contact
information beyond your e-mail address or home page url.

I need one of the following, [ A ] or [ B ]:

[ A ] Specific e-mails from you, for each category, to authorise the posting or sharing of your contact information.

[ B ] The text or web browser form.

I can then keep your form or e-mails on file as your permission(s) for listing your contact information on the 83 Bombers site.

If you contact me by phone to authorise the posting or sharing of your contact info - I will send you a short letter or e-mail about what you requested - and that I received your phone call.

[ 2 ] There may be times when I also have to contact you by e-mail, letter, or phone to clarify or confirm your request(s).

[ 3 ] Any time that you ask someone else to send me your e-mail address, or any other contact info, to be posted on the 83 Bombers site:

Please respond when I attempt to contact you for verification.

There may be times when e-mail messages sent to you are bounced by an ISP --- and I have to resend a message. Please understand that if you receive multiple messages it may be an error by the sending or receiving ISP's e-mail system.

I will send only one message per subject - unless I receive a report from an ISP of an error - at which time I will try again.
That is one reason I may send with a return receipt request - so that I can be sure that you have received any important e-mails.

  • Anytime I cannot verify third party information by trying to contact you - I will simply hold it for the next reunion committee(s). I cannot post it, or share it on request, or share with your approval, until I have verified the info sent to me is accurate.

    [ 4 ] The specific requests - to add, update, change, or remove your info - are to help protect your privacy, and to ensure accurate information.

    This way old friends, new friends, and acquaintances can reach you via the methods _you_ approved ( e-mail, snail mail, phone, your web pages, etc ) so they can say Howdy! and catch up with you, or invite you to a get-together in your area.

    [ 5 ] It is your responsibility to keep your information up to date.

    When possible, I will also try to contact our classmates periodically to see if e-mail addresses and other information are still current.

    Don't forget that you can ask me to modify or remove any of your information at any time. I will respond as soon as possible.

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    page updated: 10/17/2015

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